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Sunday, April 22, 2012


As self-proclaimed unscrupulous bastard Brett Cornell mentions time and time again, he doesn't have any friends -- at least not "of the male persuasion" (as he would put it). Is it any wonder then why that should be the case, when the lovely Amber Lane decides to introduce him to her friend and personal trainer Robin Hadley?

(This extract comes from "WEDDING BELLS FOR BRETT" - Brett Cornell Mystery #4)

. . . Amber immediately pulled her hand away from the guy, moved back slightly, and announced,

 “I’d like you to meet my friend Brett. Brett? This is one of the club’s personal trainers: Robin Hadley.”

With that ridiculous introduction having been made, she attempted to keep her smile going for all it was worth, but it quickly faded away – as did Pretty Boy’s, in fact – when the guy put his hand out in my direction and soon came to realize that I naturally had no intentions of shaking his stupid right hand, but instead stood at a comfortable distance from the dude, kept my arms folded across my chest, and gave him the old Brett Cornell wise-assed grin.

“Robin?” I said with a little chuckle, then a little louder I continued,” Robin? Ain’t that a girl’s name?”

“Uh –“ the guy stammered, and he looked hesitantly over at Amber and then back at me. “It can be either a guy’s name or a girl’s name. Haven’t you ever heard of Robin Hood?”

 “Sure, boy, I’ve heard of Robin Hood,” I replied, grinning more widely than ever. “She was that little girl who went skipping through the woods on her way to her nanna’s before she got raped by the big bad wolf.”

 “That was Little Red Riding Hood,” the guy went so far as to tell me. “And she didn’t actually get raped, and –“ Then he stepped back, shook his head from side to side in sudden exasperation, and cried out,” Why the hell am I even bothering to explain this to you, man? My name’s Robin, deal with it, or –“

And that's when the so-called conversation gets cut short. 

Why might that be? 

Could it be because 
A) Brett suddenly has a change of heart and apologizes to the guy for his rudeness? 

B) A violent earthquake suddenly erupts and brings the conversation to an abrupt close as everyone runs for cover?
C) Amber is suddenly seized with an uncontrollable urge to kiss Brett and flings herself at him, causing Robin to gape at them both in speechless amazement?

 D) None of the above.

If you chose "D" (none of the above), you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT -- which is amazing, since you probably haven't even read the whole novel yet! ! !

Ciao for now!


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