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Monday, November 24, 2014

"BEACH BUM BRETT" gets another 5-Star Review !!

This review, posted on Goodreads and written by someone who calls herself Claire, could probably be applicable to any book in the series.

In this case, it was written after she'd just read "BEACH BUM BRETT."

I almost forgot how much I loved these books! Once again I read the whole thing in one evening because it’s just too much fun to put down, and you just HAVE to see how Brett will react to any situation… because it’s usually offensive and wrong and unexpected… but then at times things just work out his way! Although it amazes me that he manages to get ANY women the way he acts and talks to them. And there is plenty of action and it never gets boring at all. This isn’t the deepest of plots ever, but it is entertaining and makes for a fun, engrossing read. I actually recommend other books in the series as well, as they are just as good.    
Sounds like she's a fan !!!