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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


In this brief exchange from "IT'S ALL BRETT'S FAULT" (Brett Cornell Mystery #7), Brett tries to convince his current girlfriend (Lola Buchanan) that he knows more about CULTURE than she does!

 “I’ll have you know, baby-doll, that when it comes to culture, you’re looking at the guy who could write a whole freakin’ book on the subject, if he really wanted to.”


 “Oh, please!” she began, even going so far as to accompany the words with a rather sarcastic laugh.


 “I’ll bet you didn’t know that, when I was in high school, the teacher took us on a field trip to one of them fancy auditoriums in downtown Providence which, as everyone knows, is the freakin’ hub of civilization, right? – My old lady even paid good money and signed the little permission slip thingy so I could go, too – and I sat through a whole performance of Porky and Bess—and without even falling asleep, neither! How’s that for culture, baby?”


Whereupon Little Lola – or should I call her Little Miss I-Know-More-About-Culture-Than-Anybody-Else? – drew herself up, pursed her cute little rose-colored lips, and retorted,


 Porky and Bess, huh? Well, in case you’re interested –“


“Which I ain’t, but I suppose you’re gonna tell me anyways –“


“The name of the work in question is Porgy and Bess – not Porky!”


“And how would you know what show I went to see, huh? You weren’t even there!” I shot right back at her, not to be outdone by a girl who wasn’t even in the same league as me when it came to sharp-witted banter and the like.


MORAL OF THE STORY: Never argue with an UNSCRUPULOUS BASTARD. You can't possibly win, since the rules are slanted in the unscrupulous bastard's favor !!!