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Friday, May 25, 2018


Here's the new book trailer for "WEDDING BELLS FOR BRETT" --

"WEDDING BELLS FOR BRETT" is available in Kindle format and also as a Paperback and as an Audiobook (narrated by Travis Henry Carter)

Monday, May 7, 2018

Saturday, May 5, 2018

"BRETT GETS HAMMERED" - Released on May 4 as an Audiobook !!

It hasn't even been a full month since the last Brett book ("Brett Enters the Square Circle") was released in audiobook format -- & now it's time for all you Brett Fans (wherever you may be) to take the plunge once again into Brett's World via "BRETT GETS HAMMERED" (otherwise known as Brett #6).

And no, this isn't the one in which Brett helps Michelangelo paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Neither is it the one in which Brett takes a vow of celibacy and enters the Monastery of Total Losers.

But it IS the one in which Brett gets hammered, smashed, polluted, i.e. totally inebriated for -- uh -- a few chapters, anyway.

Will Brett get his greedy mitts on a portion of the Rankin inheritance?

Will Brett get his greedy mitts on portions of Tammy Rankin's anatomy?

Even more importantly, will the Patriots make the play-offs next year? ? ? ?

So, IOW, here's your chance to once again get up-close & personal with the Brett-Meister himself as narrator Travis Henry Carter one more time becomes The Voice of Brett --

Check it out:

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"BRETT ENTERS THE SQUARE CIRCLE" - Funny, Naughty, & Absolutely Unmissable !!

A big THANK-YOU to Norma from the UK for being a loyal Brett fan and, most recently, for the superb review she posted on Goodreads for "BRETT ENTERS THE SQUARE CIRCLE" (audiobook version) --

"A few rotten tomatoes in every bushel of cucumbers."
Life is catching up with Brett. His secretary has left him, although the relationship with ever faithful Ginger continues to be on-off, his glorious beauty has been slightly disfigured by the missing ear and even his title as most Unscrupulous Bastard is being challenged by Big Bull. He even finds himself actively involved in working in his Private Eye occupation, looking for a missing girl at the same time as he tries to prepare for a boxing match with bully cop, Gil Bailey - and, worst of all, someone is actually sorry for him.

The wonderful Travis Henry Carter is back, taking on the persona of Brett as he flawlessly reads the text with all of the charismatic charm and wrongly expressed quotations of our hero. Just listening to him read gives a tingle of delight. And all of the other protagonists have their very distinctive voices, too, from sexy Melany Foster to Sergeant Joe Raff, police officer and boxing coach. A superb performance, as always.

This is the fifth book in the gloriously funny series about the self opinionated, insufferably egotistical private eye, Brett Cornell, self styled unscrupulous bastard, girl magnet and nobody's friend. Not someone to ever hope to meet in real life but between the covers of a book, superb. Both dialogue and action are hilarious, as always. But this book takes a darker turn and a new Brett tentatively begins to peep out, if you know what I mean, Jelly Bean.

It's funny, it's naughty and absolutely unmissable.

Coming soon: "BRETT GETS HAMMERED" (audiobook) - narrated once again by Travis Henry Carter!

Friday, April 27, 2018

5-STAR REVIEW calls "BRETT ENTERS THE SQUARE CIRCLE" "the best one so far!"

Awesome 5-star review for "BRETT ENTERS THE SQUARE CIRCLE" (audiobook)

The best one so far!

This had to be my favorite Brett Cornell Mysteries book so far! This story is a little darker than the previous books, but the humor and wit from David D'Aguanno is still there!

I loved everything about this book. It was funny, it had plenty of mystery, and we got to see another side of Brett that I think the listener will really enjoy.

The narration is perfect, and I just love listening to Brett! I hope this is the start to a deeper side of Brett because I really enjoyed the darker tones of the story as well as more emotions coming from Brett. Great story, great narrating, great overall!

Thanks to a person who's obviously a loyal fan of the Brett-Meister !!!

Coming soon: The audiobook version of "BRETT GETS HAMMERED" - narrated, once again, by Travis Henry Carter (a.k.a. "The Voice of Brett")

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


The 1st review of "WEDDING BELLS FOR BRETT" (audiobook) has just rolled in -- 5 Stars !!!

(review in question-and-answer format)

“ Fun Mystery with a Boston Accent. ” (heading)
Q. What made the experience of listening to Wedding Bells for Brett the most enjoyable?
A. The sly wit of the story and great performance by the narrator.

Q. Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? How?
A. It was not predictable in any way, the story was fun and well constructed.

Q. Which character – as performed by Travis Henry Carter – was your favorite?
A. A very predictable answer............... Brett our arrogant hero.

Thanks to "Harry" from Florida for this wonderful review!