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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


BRETT CORNELL, besides possessing the Adonis-like features he's so justifiably proud of, can also boast a deep and profound knowledge of LOGIC and RATIONAL THOUGHT --

-- as he shows in this brief extract from "BRETT ENTERS THE SQUARE CIRCLE" :

“Just calm down, babe,” I told her, leaning back once again and taking a quick puff on my cigarette. “I don’t even know why you insist upon arguing with me like this. You know, when I was in high school, I majored in philosophy, with a special emphasis on logic and rational thinking – “ (I ignored the rolling of the eyes she then gave me.) “ – so, when you argue with me, it’s the same as if you were arguing with guys like Descartes and Spinoza.”
 Upon hearing that, Melanie stepped back in utter amazement and, after a precarious moment during which her jaw dropped and almost hit the floor below her, she looked at me and said,

 “I don’t believe it! You actually knew who those two guys were!”

  “Of course, I did,” I threw back at her with a big, wide smile. “Those two guys sat right next to me in philosophy class: Lenny Descartes, and good old Joey Spinoza from Federal Hill. Did you know that, back then, Joey’s old man used to work for Angelo ‘The Bullet’ Di Lorenzo? Boy, oh, boy, those were the good old days, let me tell you.”

And that explanation makes perfect sense -- in BRETT'S WORLD, that is!

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