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Saturday, March 31, 2012


The Evidence:


      Ginger ended up being the one who opened the door for me, all smiles and practically drooling all over herself when she saw me standing before her in all my splendor, not only due to the suit-and-tie combo I had on, but also due to the fact that my blond curls must have been glistening from the corridor light that shone down upon me from behind.

     “Every once in a while, I forget how handsome you are,” she said,” and then you suddenly appear before me and turn me to Jell-o.”

     “Fascinating, ain’t it?” I said, pushing right on past her.


       The gal who’d just pulled herself out of the swimming pool and into view looked over at me, squinting quite a bit due to either the blazing sunlight she was staring into, or more likely, it was the blinding beauty of my blond curls and handsome mustache that caused her to regard me in such a manner. 


  In all honesty, looking myself over as I stood there with my shirt unbuttoned all the way, I looked damned fine! 

  Not only did the blond curls that adorned my scalp have that all-natural, slightly tousled appearance, not only did my full, blond mustache appear to have every single hair in perfect alignment, not only did my mangled earlobe add a discreet touch of macho bravado to my overall appearance – aside from all of those sterling attributes which embodied the very essence of what it meant to have Adonis-like features – aside from all of that, when I bounced my pecs a couple of times and saw how incredibly sexy everything looked on me, I absolutely knew that it was time to apply the old screws to Paula Marshall.


 Yup, the bushy blond mustache looked as awesome as ever, and my mop of curly blond hair had to be regarded as truly one of the great wonders of the universe. 


And the evidence AGAINST such a charge?

Oops! Can't find any!

Ciao for now!


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