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Saturday, March 24, 2012


In this excerpt from the soon-to-be-published "BRETT ALWAYS WINS" (Brett Cornell Mystery #3), our hero -- anti-hero? -- behaves in a rather insensitive manner -- hard to believe, I know, but it does happen occasionally.

(from Chapter 20 - "Brett Drops a Few More Bombs")

Seeing that the two of us were finally all by ourselves, the girl looked up at me, smiled weakly, and then gave her shoulders a little shrug before saying,

    “Well, I wish I could say it’s been a real fun evening, but –“

    “Hey, baby, I was having a decent enough time tonight until your friend decided to turn up dead in your apartment.”

    Did I say the wrong thing?

    Well, I guess because tact and diplomacy are in very limited supply in the arsenals of all us unscrupulous bastards, the girl gave me a look of complete distaste, then turned around and trounced her way over to the front entrance of the Crescent Hill Apartments; and as I watched her swing her buttocks back and forth as she made her huffy little exit, I brought up a huge amount of phlegm into my mouth, shot it out towards the nearest car in the parking lot, and got out of there without wasting any time ruminating over the fact that, yes, Brett Cornell had indeed been shut down. 

Oh, well, I certainly had other fish to fry and other fields to plow, didn’t I? 

At this point, I am sure the readers' sympathies lie completely with BRETT as he faces the prospect of returning home, all alone.

Heart-breaking, I know, but somehow he DOES bounce back later on and ultimately WINS, as the title of the novel suggests.

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