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Sunday, March 4, 2012


The short pilot for a possible TV series -- "BRETT CORNELL, UNSCRUPULOUS" (directed by my cousin Darlene Villanova) -- was recently entered in a competition being held by Comedy Central.

Finalists were supposed to be announced on February 29 (or thereabouts).

So --

The GOOD news is: The BRETT CORNELL TV-pilot hasn't been rejected, as far as we know.

The BAD news is: It might have been rejected, but we haven't been informed as of yet.

The MEDIOCRE news is: Even if it makes it into the "finals," there's obviously no guarantee that it would ultimately win 1st PLACE!!

So -- BRETT is waiting in the wings, and he's already been heard to say that the actor who gets to play him in the series had better have ADONIS-LIKE FEATURES -- Otherwise, forget it !!

And in the meantime, DARLENE & I are waiting with bated breath to see what transpires (hopefully)  within the next few days!

Stay tuned . . .

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