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Friday, February 3, 2012


The first book in the Brett Cornell Series -- "POOLSIDE WITH BRETT" -- is finally making its debut appearance today on as an ebook (Kindle edition)

The above link will take you to the page containing an image of the book cover, plus the blurb that was featured in an earlier post on this blog (though somewhat altered).

(Please note: If the above link doesn't work, you can always go to & use their search engine, typing in the title of the book, or even the words "unscrupulous bastard" -- & good old Brett will miraculously appear before your eyes!)

In addition, by clicking on the image of the book cover, you can sample the entire first chapter, plus a few pages of Chapter 2, absolutely FREE -- even though you might prefer to shell out the exorbitant amount of 99 cents (!!!) if you wanted to read the whole novel.

"POOLSIDE WITH BRETT" will also be available as an ebook (Nook format) on the Barnes & Noble website within the next couple of days.

By the end of next week, for those of you who prefer to have an actual regular-size PAPERBACK in your hands and do your reading the old-fashioned way (we're a dying breed, I know) -- "POOLSIDE WITH BRETT" will then be available for purchase in paperback form.

The price for the paperback edition is presently set for $8.95. I know, I know, it's a bit steep -- but at that price, you may end up getting enough Brett in your system to last you a lifetime (!!!).

If all of that news isn't exciting enough, "POOLSIDE WITH BRETT" is also available as an ebook to customers in England, France, Spain, Germany, & Italy, and we can only hope and pray that Brett Cornell doesn't become responsible for triggering an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT of some sort.

Needless to say, Brett is now ready to take on the world -- but more importantly, is the world ready to take on Brett? ? ?

Only time will tell, so.  . . Stay tuned, folks!

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