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Monday, February 20, 2012


 From time to time, various women in Brett's life have made vain attempts to reform him, or at the very least, to correct his mistakes.

Then, why is it that Brett WINS every argument he ever gets into?

In this little excerpt from "BRETT ALWAYS WINS" (for example) one of Brett's girls is making dinner for him in his apartment, when he calls her from his office to make certain inquiries concerning a mysterious correspondence he may have been sent.

Here it is:

    “So, you called me just to ask me about the mail?” she suddenly wanted to know. “Don’t you realize how busy I am right now, trying to prepare a nice dinner for the two of us, making sure the bread is toasted and the onions are fried, but not too greasy?”

    “Yeah, yeah, I know,” I interrupted her. “You’re a regular old Betsy Crocker, ain’t you?”

    “Well, as usual, you fail to show any appreciation for everything I’ve done for you,” the poor, put-upon thing continued, going all wounded-sounding on me for no reason whatsoever. But then the sarcasm got cranked up unexpectedly as she threw in,” And it’s Betty, not Betsy.”

    “You need to get your hearing checked, baby,” I told her. “I said Betty.”

     “No, you didn’t,” she insisted, stubbornly refusing to admit she was wrong. “You said Betsy, in case you really want to know.”

     “Well, seeing as I don’t really wanna know nothin’ you got to say to me right now, you can just can it, and chill out."

BRETT has obviously WON yet another lop-sided argument!

Amazing! (ain't it?)


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