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Sunday, February 18, 2018

5-STARS for "BRETT ALWAYS WINS" (audiobook format)

A 5-Star Review for "BRETT ALWAYS WINS" - from one of Brett's biggest fans in the UK!
Norma (who has already listened to the 1st 2 Brett audiobooks) has posted her 5-star review of Brett #3 which she feels is the BEST of the 3 (so far) --
This is what she has to say about it -- & about narrator Travis Henry Carter who, once again, receives much praise in bringing good old Brett to life !!!
"The Garden of Egypt."

 Work is slow for Birchwood P.I. Brett Cornell. Could be because of the reputation of blue-eyed, blonde-moustachioed self-styled Adonis' reputation as an unscrupulous bastard, a reputation he was proud to embrace. So when a call comes through to his office from a woman introducing herself as Paula Marshall, as if he should know the name, asking for help and saying that they were trying to kill her before the line went dead, he decides it really was not his problem. Until, that is, two wanna-be heavies stop him on the street and beat him up - a message, they tell him, from Mr.Walter Marshall. No one does that to Brett Cornell. Time to track down this Marshall person, presumably the husband of his telephone caller.

Brett is 36, rude, lewd and uncouth and totally full of himself, self-congratulatory and constantly misquoting pieces of home philosophy.. He is the epitome of the perfect non-pc man. But still he seems to charm the ladies into his enthusiastic arms and bed. He even has a (sometimes) live-in girlfriend, Ginger, to whom he is totally faithful, well, apart from three or four (or is that 34? - he's a private eye, not a mathematician) times over the past month or so. He's not someone the reader would ever want to meet in life - but in a book? He's a hoot!

Brett Always Wins is the third book following his antics, each stand alone, and, for this reader, the best so far. Written in the first person, Brett is brilliantly portrayed by narrator Travis Henry Carter, who captures all the nuances of his jubilant, comic character with accent, intonation, pacing and expression. Additionally, every other protagonist is given their own appropriate and distinctive voicings, both male and female. An excellent performance throughout which enhances for the listener the fun and humour of this outrageous neanderthal of a man.

Certainly not a book I would recommend to anyone easily shocked. But for pig-headed exuberance, self-satisfied humour and racy, out of order comments, plus very colourful characters all wrapped up in a nice, simple little mystery, this book should not be missed. But if you do, to quote Brett himself, "It's not my problem."


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