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Friday, November 30, 2012

"DON'T MESS WITH BRETT" gets its 1st 5-Star Review !!

Brett Cornell Mystery #9 -- "DON'T MESS WITH BRETT" -- was looking mighty lonely all month long, since it became available in late October.

Finally, today -- on the last day of November -- a 5-Star review was posted on Amazon.

What I think is intriguing about the review is that it is written in a style that is, in many ways, reminiscent of the way Brett often narrates his tales.

But c'mon now! Calling Brett a "swaggering, conceited bully" ??? 

Isn't that a bit harsh??

Well -- considering that Brett is the SUPREME UNSCRUPULOUS BASTARD of them all, it probably isn't harsh enough !!!

Here's the review itself:

Addicting! November 30, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
Reading this book is a bit like eating Halloween candy. You know that it is not good for you, but you cannot stop. Brett is a conceited swaggering bully who loves sex, cigarettes, beer, and a good fight. The suspense of the murder mystery, the titillation of the sex, and the hysterical use of the Brett sterotype makes for a book that you cannot put down. Try a little Brett, and before you know it you'll be looking for more!

And of course, a day without a Brett photo would be like a day without (fill in the blank, but please be nice): _____________

Ciao for now!


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