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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Even though he's known as -- and even PRIDES himself as being a supreme unscrupulous bastard, Brett sometimes empathizes with those who are feeling sorrowful over having been betrayed.

And so, I give you this little scene in the upcoming Brett Cornell Mystery # 6 -- "BRETT GETS HAMMERED" -- in which Brett offers a little friendly advice to Tammy Rankin who has just discovered that her boyfriend may have been cheating on her.

It goes like this:

"That boyfriend of yours," I told her," has all you ladies – and I use the term loosely – getting in line to see who gets to be his next playmate of the hour.”

“That’s not true!” Tammy insisted, turning her face to the wall and trying not to show how mortified she truly felt. “There’s obviously some mix-up. I simply can’t grasp the idea that Jerry could have betrayed me like that. I couldn’t go on living, if that were true!”

“Well, if it’s any consolation to you,” I said to her in one of my rare moments of compassion in this world,” remember what Popeye once said when he felt betrayed: ‘Et tu, Bluto?’”

Hey! He was only trying to be helpful -- Right? ? ?

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