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Saturday, June 16, 2012

BEST BOOK COVER - Vote for your favorite!

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering which of the 6 currently available book covers for the Brett Cornell Series of comedy-mysteries happens to be your favorite.

Personally, I can't make up my mind, being quite happy with them all.

So, if you'd like to cast your vote for which one you consider to be the best or most striking of the 6, please feel free to leave a comment (or 2).

Here they are:

Thanks in advance for any comments you may care to make !!!



  1. Brett enters the circle square gets my vote for best of the covers. I like Wedding bells too, but sexiest is Poolside!

  2. Thanks for casting your vote, Anonymous! My own personal favorite book cover varies from day to day, just like my own personal favorite piece of music, etc.!