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Thursday, May 3, 2012


The fifth Brett Cornell Mystery -- "Brett Enters the Square Circle" -- is now available in paperback form.

If you click on the book cover image in the right-hand column of this blog, you'll be taken to a secure site where you will be able to purchase your copy. (The site also links to the other 4 books in the series.)

As some of you may know already, there are 4 more Brett Cornell novels already written, but in need of editing and revision.

The 6th one, however, is almost "ready-for-primetime" (or is that expression outdated now?) -- So, all you multitude of Brett Cornell fans can start prepping yourselves for "BRETT GETS HAMMERED" -- probably coming out in early summer.

And by then, we may have received the news that the script "BRETT CORNELL, UNSCRUPULOUS" that was submitted to Fox Television has either been rejected, or possibly made it into the final rounds of the competition.  (Fingers crossed on that one, folks!)

Ciao for now!


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