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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


In addition to possessing stunning Adonis-like features as well as a full, bushy mustache that happens to be the envy of every man walking the face of the cosmos (in his mind, at least) -- BRETT CORNELL also happens to be an EXPERT on all kinds of MUSIC. 

(It's a little-known fact, but true, nonetheless.)

For example, take this little passage from "BRETT ALWAYS WINS" (Brett Cornell Mystery #3):

Cute little Paula Marshall came walking towards me in the parking lot, and she offered me a feeble smile when she came close enough to touch.

“Well, it’s done, I’ve got the money,” she announced, although she didn’t look any too happy about it. For my own part, I wasn’t exactly ready to bust out singing the Star-Spanish Banner either. For one thing, I didn’t even know the words, and for another thing, my singing voice ain’t exactly at the same level as Burt Baccarat’s or that Deaf Leopard guy, to name just two of the best country-and-western singers you’d ever care to listen to!  

Or -- later on, in the same novel:

“I was listening to my favorite FM station on my car radio,” Walter Marshall explained to the lieutenant, like this information he was about to give was of vital importance to us,” and the program which usually ends at seven-thirty was just drawing to a close. I remember, because they’d just finished playing Mozart’s ‘Jupiter’ Symphony.”

“Hey, that’s one of my favorite songs, too!” I exclaimed, laying the cheerful excitement on really thick. “But I do think his ‘Mars’ Symphony has better lyrics. Don’t you?”

And in "BRETT AEROBICIZES" (Brett Cornell Mystery #2), while he's on a date with Marilyn Dunford, there's this little exchange: 

“Now that we’re here,” she said in answer to the annoyed look that came over me,” I almost wish we hadn’t come. Anthony was always a sweet guy, but he was about as exciting as a Baroque concert played in slow motion.”
 “Watch it, baby: Baroque happens to be one of my favorite groups,” I told her, trying to get her to lighten up.

But does it matter?  ?  ?

Apparently NOT, when you're blessed with Adonis-like features & a mustache that's to-die-for !!

On a side-note: Do most people actually prefer Mozart's "Mars" Symphony to his "Jupiter" Symphony? (Me being silly, of course!)

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