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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Another Great Review for "IT'S ALL BRETT'S FAULT"

A UK listener (known as "Norma" on Goodreads) has posted this fabulous 5-star review of "IT'S ALL BRETT'S FAULT" -- as Brett's fame continues to spread far & wide !!!

 (Brett: "That's a good thing, ain't it?")

Format : Audiobook )
 "More than one way to skin a canary."
It's hot outside and Brett is pumping iron. Modest and retiring as always, at 37 he believes he's never looked better, even hotter than the weather outside. But he's still a long way from his goal of Easy Street by the time he's 40. In fact, he's broke. And still hurting after 'she who cannot be named.'

 So when offered a job as protection for a man who claims that someone wants to murder him which pays five thousand dollars for a couple of weeks work, Brett goes along with the pushy Marcus Wade, little knowing that he might just have met another unscrupulous bastard like himself.

 The story is, as always, ramblingly related by Brett (and his alter ego, Travis Henry Carter) himself. Not a book for the uptight P.C. crowd. In fact, Brett is not someone anyone would ever want to really meet, but experienced through the pages of David D.D'Aguanno's books, he is rampant, if you get my drift. And Travis Henry Carter's narration is superb, becoming the vain, obnoxious moustachioed and muscled monster so seductive to the ladies, whilst at the same time voicing everyone else be they male or female, very distinctively. The combination of author and narrator makes the Brett Cornell stories absolutely unmissable.

 Do I recommend it? "Do ducks quack and mooses moo?" Absolutely.

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