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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Towards the end of "DON'T MESS WITH BRETT" this little scene takes place shortly after Lola Buchanan's older sister has passed away:

(in Brett's own words, as usual)

Well, I kept my distance from Lola and her whole family over the course of the next few days. Needless to say, unscrupulous bastards are not exactly welcomed with open arms in very many places, least of all at wakes and funerals; and if Lola had been counting on leaning on me for moral support while she was in mourning over her sister’s death, she was pretty much wasting her time – especially after she took a time-out from her period of grief to inform me that, if I hadn’t attended Roxie and Clarence’s double-shower a few weeks ago, none of these people’s lives would have been ruined, and I simply told her, “Not my problem, babe. You were the one who invited me to go there with you in the first place, remember?” So, that was that! Plus, hadn’t she just finished telling me about this fantastic new boyfriend of hers on the police force? If she really needed a shoulder to cry on, then, she could always turn to Macho-Man Bailey, couldn’t she, and she could water that ugly shaved head of his with her tears all night long to the point where something might actually grow on it! Hey, after all, I did have my own agenda, and I even went out of my way at one point to tell her that, regarding her sister’s death, she should try not to let it get to her.


    “People die. It happens. Deal with it,” is what I told her, so in a sense, I was acting like a genuinely kind and caring person, wouldn’t you say?


Genuinely kind & caring?

Brett? ? ?

Well -- Maybe in the warped alternate reality known as Brett's World !!

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