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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It appears more and more obvious, as time goes on, that leading the life of a SUPREME UNSCRUPULOUS BASTARD has its definite disadvantages!

Several months ago, a gentleman who had just finished reading "BRETT GETS HAMMERED" told me in a private e-mail that, at one point in the novel, Brett made him so angry that he felt like punching him right in the face !!!

Now -- in this recent review of "WEDDING BELLS FOR BRETT" -- a young woman makes this statement at the end of her review:

"I really liked this book, as it was filled with humour, and had me laughing right till the end. I'd like to wring Brett's neck and bring him down a peg or two!"   (Italics mine.)

Poor, poor Brett! One person wants to punch him right in the face, while another person would like to wring his neck!

And to think:   I created this monster!

Brett's response: "What do I care, when it's just so great, being me!"

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