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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This is the blurb that I'll probably be using for the upcoming comedy-mystery "BEACH BUM BRETT" (Brett Cornell Mystery #8) -- which was formerly known as "A HAREM FOR BRETT" (but nobody's supposed to know that!):

 Private detective Brett Cornell decides to go on vacation, and hits the sunny, golden shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean, where he quickly captures the 3 A's (the attention, admiration, & affections) of as many of the lovely young bikini-clad beauties as he could ever desire!

So, what could possibly go wrong?

Well -- as Brett himself would say -- as sure as rain is wet and water is...well...wet, Brett's self-appointed reign as King of the Beach is soon threatened when a few of the local tough guys decide to engage him in a bit of fisticuffs so that it doesn't take long before the unscrupulous bastard himself begins to catch a whiff of MURDER in the salty sea air.

Only, this time he himself may very well be the intended victim!

I don't have a cover design available just yet, but Brett's female admirers will surely be in for a treat as they'll once again get a chance to see how BUFF he's been looking lately !!!

Stay turned for more on "BEACH BUM BRETT" ----


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